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False Facts Series

In False Facts Series, I explain the fallacy of certain things in an easy-to-understand language, which have been adopted as true by general public and share the physiological truth by making a reference to research outcomes.

For instance, I will share information regarding simple issues which will render your daily life more comfortable and balanced;

  • Does cold water cause weight loss?
  • Do healty snacks speed up the metabolism?
  • Does one have to use sodium bicarbonate to make alkaline water?
  • How should intermittent fasting be?
  • Does hunger lower blood pressure?
  • “No Pain, No Gain” Myth
  • How to breathe correctly?
  • Do I have to go somewhere for breathing therapy on a continuous basis?
  • Is running or heavy physical activity a must for healthy weight loss?
  • Is gluten-free diet a healthy choice?
  • Does one have to consume cold juices during detox?

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