Integrated Health and Ayurvedic Life-Style Consultant

Integrated Health and Ayurvedic Life-Style Consultant | Chopra Center Perfect Health Instructor

Ebru Şinik, the founder of Yükselen Çağ Wellbeing Center was trained as a teacher in the field of Ayurvedic Life-Style and Meditation Instructor at Chopra Center, which was established by Dr. Deepak Chopra in California as one of the most reputable individual transformation and mindfulness centers in the world.

Şinik, who also has a Training DVD called “Ancient Breathing Techniques for Daily Life” in addition to her two books titled “Health, Breath&Life -Breathing Techniques for Daily Life” and “Integrated Detox Practices”, releases Yükselen Çağ Integrated Health, Happiness and Beauty series annually or semiannually.

Having created Turkey’s first Ayurvedic Personal Care Products within the framework of “Mind-Body Medicine”, she is also one of the very few people who can give meditation training at the level of Executive Boards.

Şinik carries out “Individual and Corporate Wellbeing Programs” in compliance with the slogans of “Be Good, Be Happy” and “For a Better Life” and shares functional practices in the light of ancient ayurvedic knowledge that raise life quality by rendering our lives less stressful, healthier and happier, as well as by enabling us to direct our lives with mindfulness and conscious choices.

Şinik has four other websites with different contents;