Wellbeing Coach & Ayurveda Teacher

Ebru Şinik is one of the pioneers of wellbeing life – style, the founder of Yükselen Çağ Wellbeing Academy and international ayurvedic products brand of Daily Wellbeing. Şinik is also Chairman of the Wellbeing Association Executive Board and a student of the renowned doctor, author, and philosopher Dr. Deepak Chopra, who is advocate of Holistic Health and Mind & Body Medicine in our century.

Şinik, who executes the first Wellbeing Coach Certificate Program in Europe under the umbrella of Gedik University, has also developed the brand Daily Wellbeing, which is constitution stabilizing ayurvedic personal care products, within the framework of Mind & Body Medicine.

Representing the Wellbeing Ambassador in Mercedes-Benz's She's Mercedes project,

Şinik conducts "Group and Corporate Wellbeing Programs" pursuant to the slogan "Be Well, Be Happy" and shares practical ways with us so that we can guide our lives by making stress-free, healthier, mindful, and conscious choices in light of ancient and scientific prooved preventive medicine protocols that improves the quality of life.

Şinik, who is the author of three books titled "Your Genes are Not Your Destiny", "Life Hidden in The Breath" and "Holistic Detox Suggestions from Ebru Şinik", and the designer of "Wellbeing Day Planner", educates and trains Wellbeing Coaches, Ayurvedic Yoga Therapists, Biointegrative Breath Therapists and Wellaging & Fitness Nutrition Coaches under the umbrella of Yükselen Çağ Wellbeing Academy and Gedik University and provides consultancy for the brands and companies in the fields of "Corporate Wellbeing and Work & Life Balance".

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