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Breathing Techniques

Breath is the key factor that manages our life energy.

Breathing is the primary detox system in humans physical and mental bodies. It also has a primary impact on our autonomous nervous system. This means; if we can control our breath in a conscious way, we can regulate the ups and downs in our mind.

Ayurvedic Medicine states the following;

  • Breath and Mind are each other’s mirror.
  • If your breath is calm and silent, so is your mind.
  • If your breath is rapid and noisy, so is your mind.

In Breathing Techniques Video Series, I am pleased to share many breathing techniques that will heal and balance us throughout the day based on our changing moods and different needs. For instance;

  • You had an argument with your significant other. Which breathing technique should you practice to feel better?
  • You are on a trip and suffering from constipation. Which breathing technique should you use to reactivate your digestive system?
  • What does Breath Awareness mean?
  • What is Diaphragm breathing?
  • Clear your subconscious via Breathing Techniques and experience an emotional detox
  • What are the Breathing Techniques that speed up the metabolism and how are they implemented?
  • Take advantage of Breathing Techniques in the tretment of depression, anxiety and panic attack
  • Which breathing techniques should you use against insomnia?
  • I will also share other breathing exercises on and off. These are the ones that I could not include in my book Health, Breath & Life – Breathing Techniques for Daily Life, which is the first and only breathing techniques book with video exercises.

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