Videos by Ebru Şinik Youtube Channel
False Facts Series

False Facts Series by Ebru Şinik

In False Facts Series, I explain the fallacy of certain things in an easy-to-understand language, which have been adopted as true by general public and share the physiological truth by making a reference to research outcomes.

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Breathing Techniques

Breathing Techniques by Ebru Şinik

In Breathing Techniques Video Series, I am pleased to share many breathing techniques that will heal and balance us throughout the day based on our changing moods and different needs.

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Ayurvedic Diet and Cooking

Ayurvedic Diet and Cooking by Ebru Şinik

In Ayurvedic Diet Video Series, I am pleased to share balancing vegetables, fruits, legumes, grains, menu choices, spice recommendations for each constitution type.

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Ayurvedic Life & Well Aging

Ayurvedic Life & Well Aging by Ebru Şinik

I am pleased to share how you can start and sustain your well-aging process with minor additions and changes to your daily routines under the light of Ayurveda science in Ayurvedic Life and Well-Aging Video Series with the simplest and most practical approach.

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